Frequently Asked Questions



Clear Bra is a clear, nearly invisible film made from urethane. Its basic function is to protect your finish of car from external debris like sand and gravel which would normally form permanent damage.


Your car is one of the most expensive investments you will buy. You need to protect the investment to achieve benefit now and in the future. Having a professionally installed  Car PPF protects over all look and appearance of the vehicle. It also increases the trade-in value. These benefits can save you heavy budget in the long run.


Car PPF guards your car against different types of road enemy. Gravel, stone chips and dirt are the most common enemy of vehicle in India. It also protects the exterior painted surface from highlighting the signs of weathering, fading and oxidization.


Yes! The  Car PPF material was designed mainly to protect the edges of the aircraft parts from small rock chips. Now it is available finally for the general public convenience to protect their cars and other automotive. Small rocks, and gravel are no match for this car care product.


The difficulty in  Car PPF installation varies depends on the colour and segment of car. Some cars are bit difficult than other segments. Vehicles with heavy body and dark colour can take extra time, effort and patience to install the transparent cover. All Wraps and Tint gives you an explained written instruction when you get your car the ultimate protection. If you want to install the Car PPF by yourself, you need to choose quality kit.

  • How long does Car PPF last?

Can you guess the answer? Its common sense that the life of any product directly depends on its maintenance. In general, the average life of any  Paint Protection Film is 5 to 8 years. You need to go for regular car wash and car care to add life.  This film is semi-permanent installation and can be easily removed whenever you wish.

  • Will the Car Paint Protection Film turn Yellow with time?

Many of the customers complains of yellowing or paling of the film. Yes, there are brands of Car PPF that actually not clear bra. These can be easily described as after-market product which didn’t pass through product testing. The adhesive present in the film had opposite effect on the painted surface of the vehicle. It leaves adverse impact on the appearance than adding shine to it. Always research more before making an investment. There are famous brands of paint protection film that really give quality. Their PPF doesn’t turn yellow or fade away.

  • Car PPF Can be Applied on?

Car paint protection film can be easily installed to all external surface of the car. It strictly protects the car’s fenders, headlights, fog lights, hood, door handles, a-pillars, mirrors, bumper, and virtually more surface at risk. Selecting the level of Car PPF protection which is needful for you. It completely depends on the driving habits and condition of road you are regularly in.

Obviously, if you drive on dirty roads or uneven one, you need to have a quality paint protection film. If you’re not sure what to do and which brand to consider, we are always available to help you. Click to see examples of areas to apply clear car PPF.

  • What is the Warranty of Car Paint Protection Film?

Different brand of PPF possess different warranty period. You can achieve 5 years of warranty when professionally installed by authorized All Wraps and Tint installer. The installer will issue you the warranty card upon the  PPF installation to confirm your warranty. We guarantee the clear film will not turn yellow, crack or peel off when applied professionally.

  • Do I Need to Maintain the clear Film after Installation?

There is nothing unique about maintaining the film. Go for wash and wax the vehicle like before, but stay away from any paste waxes containing harmful dyes. Paste wax can leave residue along the film edges over time. Always prefer to go for professional car wash as it will add life to the film.

  • Will this damage Painted Surface?

No, this car protection film is meant to protect the painted surface of the car from many external agents. It will not harm your original paint of the vehicle in any way.

  • Can it be easily Removed?

Yes. This clear sheet can be easily and safely removed. Every installer has their own way of removing the installed film. As per our detailers, the best way is to permit the car to warm up in sun. Warming of film is important as it loosen its grip. Start the process by peeling off the corner section. When small section gets free, start to pull the film towards yourself at an angle of 20 degree. This stretches the film and further removes it from the exterior surface slowly. As new sections release, slowly progress across the vehicle until all material is removed.

  • Is it Actually invisible?

The  Car PPF used at All Wraps and Tint are not noticeable to human eye if properly installed. An easy line is clearly visible from specific angles present at the hood and fender’s top. Film applied over bumpers are undetectable. An average person will move by your car and can’t find the application of film over the surface.